Course: Structural Analysis and Design applied in Urban Construction

On March 7, an online seminar will be held in which workflow integration will be developed for the analysis and structural design of urban buildings with the tools:

  • STAAD.Pro
  • RAM Structural System
  • STAAD.Foundation Advanced

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I remember knowing STAAD when it was an emulated version of DOS, now seeing how the models can be navigated from an iPad and the integration it has with other tools of the same brand, I must admit that it is an impressive advance that Bentley has made -Develop it and take it to the BIM approach.

Today, STAAD Pro is a solution for all types of structures and includes tools designed for specific tasks of structural engineering.

  • The Section Wizard can be used to calculate properties that have non-standard sections.
  • Finite element modeling is an art that requires very careful consideration, including the quality of networks being created.
  • Advanced Mesher provides this functionality and allows visual checks on quality.

In addition, STAAD Pro works in conjunction with programs such as STAAD FOUNDATION, which allows the design of foundations, STAAD Offshore, which allows the design of structures on the outside, RAM Concept, for the design of concrete slab including post-tension, Bentley REBAR for Reinforce detailed, Bentley AutoPIPE, for the calculation of accentuation in pipes, Bentley Structural for the production of drawings and BIM Solution, and RAM Connection, for the design of steel connections.

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Among other things in this seminar could be:

  • Learn how to solve processes of dynamic analysis, analysis of foundations, design of connections, design of reinforced concrete and steel integrating the technology of the same line.
  • Identify what is new in STAAD.Pro, and RAM Structural System for Solution of diaphragms, rigid curls and revision of lateral displacement In Vertical Building
  • Know how the analysis results generated within STAAD.Pro and RAM Structural System can be taken to solve components such as columns, beams, connections and foundations.

Date: 7 March it 2013
Duration: 1 hora
10: 00 am (Mexico, El Salvador)
11: 00 am (Colombia, Panama)
1: 00 pm (Chile, Argentina)
5: 00 pm (Spain)

Cost: Free
Exhibitor: Edgar García. Applications Engineer for Bentley Systems structural products

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  1. I would like to know about your Estaad Pro courses, both free and paid online.

    Appreciating your attention, I send you an affectionate greeting.

    Ing. Juan Manuel Libreros Gonzàlez

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