Communicate / Participate: Services for municipalities

Recientemente Tuent announced the new service, Comunic @, which joined Particip @ seem to be the best in territorial management services that can be used by municipalities to improve transparency and citizen participation.


participates@ This is a service for the citizen, which through a platform can report suggestions, demands, proposals or other actions based on their right to participate to the municipality. These are some examples of exercises that we would all be willing to take advantage of:

  • A layer where you can take an inventory of bumps in the road. That here they could be painted in a different color, those that are slight, the culverts without a cover and in a red those that are fatal to break the chrysma of a vehicle. It would be interesting, because in these days that the mayors spend their advertising showing their work in the repair of streets, the population could report the lunar scenarios where their cameramen can take them.
  • A layer where neighbors break the rules. Oh! this would be marvelous, for example if you could place a lobulito in the houses where parties are held outside the hour tolerated by the legislation of coexistence, constructions apparently violating the norms of urbanization or neighbors who are taking possession of the green areas.

Said a boss I had a few years ago: "There's nothing better than telling the ribs to the neighbor"

But also in addition to the noise shown by the incident maps, it can be very useful to integrate proposals to improve the quality of life of citizens. As an example, the structuring of participatory budgeting.

  • In this way, instead of going to make focus groups (which become political) to identify projects, it is feasible to define some categories, prioritization criteria and that citizens propose online.
  • Subsequently a flow is given continuity as shown in the graph: It is purified, classified, the viability is sought, it is incorporated into the budget and subsequently it is followed up.

you participate

To the municipal officials allows them to know those issues that really concern the citizen and offers them an integrated environment for the management of all communications and citizen concerns.

In many municipal legislations the participatory budget is regulated and empowered; in some countries it is even mandatory. What better than to be able to visualize and manage it in a web platform integrated to Google Maps made for this purpose.

Participació @ includes some features so that the municipality does not have to invest time or resources to develop. Among them you can:

  • Manage access roles. Citizens can register, water boards, employer boards, etc.
  • Proposals can be generated by citizens.
  • You can view the proposals according to the status of progress.
  • They can be classified and assessed by theme or priority.
  • The system can also send alarms by mail or sms when the proposals change state or are delayed according to their programming.

demo_malaga Definitely Particip @ is the best initiatives I've seen for municipal use. Apart Comunic @ exists, which is equivalent to a complementary tool with which the municipality could inform what they are doing.

Ideal to comply with the legislation of transparency and communication to the citizen.

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