The FIFA draw came

Fifa draw The expected day finally arrived, the girl Of the Advocate of the Devil was a complete spectacle, although many we ask again if it is a draw or a schedule.

Football is one of those strange passions, which attracts even the grandmothers who hate the local tournament but are unveiled by the World Cup ... even if it makes the worst.

I struggled to find a link, long ago He did not talk about it; Here the table and my expectations regarding the equipment of our environment:

Group A:

South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay And France

Bad for Mexico, because it's up to the host. Uruguay has not been the hero lately but is world champion, and although France dribbled it in the end, it is still a power despite not being a group head at this time.

Group B:

Argentina, Nigeria, Republic of Korea and Greece

Advantage of being head of group, pity that Argentina went so badly in the tie.
Group C:

England U.S., Algeria, Slovenia

Well, well, this seems like that of "come my Oscar of literature that in a few years surely write a great book"
Group D:

Germany, Australia, Serbia and Ghana

They do not know
Group E:

Netherlands, Denmark, Japan and Cameroon

It sounds like nintendo game, Vikings, with African tribes and a second world war airplane flying low.
Group F:

Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand and Slovakia

Hard Italy, but there are possibilities, if they continue with the surprise of the tie.
Group F:

, The DPRK, the Ivory Coast and Portugal
Like you have to cry like Lula to get lucky huh. Let's see if Portugal regains its level.
Group H:

, Switzerland, Honduras y Chile

Wow, here we go. Together the feelings, poor Switzerland if we grabbed you hungry. A pity, only two of the three passes. Spain takes it easy, although politics will be distracted by the presidency of the European Union.

But rest assured, it does not start until within 188 days.

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  1. This is with the World Cup ... Eye with the African teams !! .. Not only because they will be the most local of all, but because in the last years they have grown enormously football futbolistically ..
    With regard to my country (Argentina) ... the truth I do not see this team arming ... but who knows, they are so professional that maybe even play well despite the coach! .. I respect Maradona, as a player, but as a coach , Already showed that it is not his enough before taking the national team. In Argentina, Maradona is like a grandfather: nobody is encouraged to tell him that he is doing shit! ...

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