CSI ETABS Course - Structural Design - Specialization Course

This is a course consisting of advanced theoretical and practical development of Structural Masonry Walls. Everything related to the regulations will be explained in detail: Regulations for the Design and Construction of Structural Masonry Buildings R-027.

This will explain phenomena such as the short column effect, which is applied in Masonry Walls and must be handled with great caution in projects.

In addition to two methods of assigning steel areas in the most advanced software on the market in ETABS 17.0.1 Structural Calculation, where the results of the software will be verified manually.

What will they learn?

  • Prepare a structural masonry project (the whole process)

Course requirement or prerequisite?

  • Interest in the calculation of structural masonry

Who is it aimed at?

Engineering Students, Engineers with or without experience and Architects.

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