... where are you, friend?

There are not many answers:


travel We choose what we do, almost everything, although I think that many things are not more complicated due to lack of time. It is satisfying to see interesting results in municipalities that with their nails and a small boost can achieve in terms of territorial management. Let's not say that young people who started with a usable tape measure after the 11 subway, now in two weeks an urban helmet with a total station are torn apart and they are left wondering which one follows.

While on my way back, I leave some brief reflections of hotels of bad death, of those that to the 3 of the night they are ruined the conditioned air.

  • Despite what they say, do not take advantage Google Earth For cadastral purposes is to disparage the practicality and distrust of what will become.
  • The only good thing about it Mexico will stay for the playoff in the tie for the World Cup, is that you could play that position with Argentina that is in the same suffering (today). And it would be a great match!
  • I should not feel bad for having dismissed a technician who cost me a lot to train ... in a country where from one day to the next one can Change to a president.
  • Life should be so simple, like me, the refrigerator, Google and my Netbook. Oh, not forgetting the Wireless, the Acer, the Benk camera, the Blackberry, the Bamboo tablet, the Aigo, PHP, WordPress, Ubuntu, Mapserver, gml ... mmm ... it does not seem so simple anymore.

All in all, Mexico and Argentina will always go to the World Cup, the country will have an elected president, Google Earth will reach centimetric precision and technology will complicate the simplicity of life. When, it is only a matter of minutes, hours or days.

And I, I will continue to travel and who knows if one day I finish happy with the Skin of Home

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