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Regarding social networks, until now my criteria had been stable, moving away from others my position was: Twitter to be aware, Linkedin for professional contacts and Facebook for various uses, ranging from the group of ex-students of that internship in my adolescence, monitor what my children do in their free time and to know a little about the behavior of the followers of Geofumadas.

But to date Google has been irreplaceable for more than labor issues, the hosting of US $ 5 where it stops all important files and the search engine that is useful for spelling questions, quick references and more

The arrival of Google+, although I've had my disbelief, I'm sure will end slightly modifying my preference for Facebook. Although it will not be soon, the new network will end up adding to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin as dominant, each in his own. For Google it's a new attempt in a field where I already had two strikes and a Foul, although it seems that this time has learned enough and would have to do too many clumsiness to fail, to do it well the + sign could become a natural part of our daily browse.

What about Facebook

This network has no reason to die, although it would have to find ways to improve what its users hate. To give some examples:

-The functionality of writing articles, which surprises us, remains so coarse despite the infinity of WYSIWYG libraries flying around there. Then they keep a slightly functional version that can not be deleted in a final publication, change templates or insert scripts.

-The interface tests not consulted. More than once we wanted to know why they put a black view to the navigation of images or the illogical side panel for the list of connected users without the option of grouping them or scrolear that arrived without notice or explanations of usability.

-Other similar case is the change of Facebook groups, to date for more than I have searched, I have not been able to create a tab for writing, or photos, which go to the bottom of the abyss by not having a form to organize them. Nor can you migrate old groups to new ones.

While there are more than 800 millions of users, they are there because their friends are there, and that is why the companies reside within (nothing less than the 70%). We will have to see what happens when these people see that they can do the same without leaving Gmail, step to post on your blog or business page, read Office documents configure the appearance, see visitor statistics and other things without risking privacy.

And Google+

With Google+ this will be solved with the integrated search engine, Google blogs (former Blogger) and who knows if one day even from that editor can handle WordPress or Drupal. With a good Twitter manager, the bird will continue to live but read from outside.

The truth is that things like searching within Facebook or making the likes affect the results, Google can implement them; not so Facebook, moving the balance of commercial interest that represents the traffic.
So, the magic of Facebook has to resort to what took it there: the inventiveness for what they do inside their users, beyond the chicken farm and the ads in the sidebar.
Google+ will focus on what people already do in their tools and plagiarize tried-and-tested usability on Facebook and improve business. In the end I would not be surprised if the battle is won by Google, because they have more weapons, they are more perverse and all they need is 800 millions of users inside, being able to make Facebook end up like Hi5! for its rigidity before the businesses of third parties.

I, for as long as I'm going to let circles grow naturally, wait for Google+ for business to appear and listen to how others are doing.

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