Bentley Map, my expectation for the Be Together

I just received the invitation to attend Be Together, an event that awakens interesting expectations, after it seems that the economic crisis is set and need to re-activate the opportunities.

Be together

Of the best

With the global crisis, last year Bentley launched his Online seminars And left for the end the Be Inspired. It was not a bad idea, but in practice you lose that contact with the exhibitor, when you look for it at the end and ask specific topics that he did not mention in his narration. Remember that annual events are not only to show news, but to promote the growth of a brand. In the case of Geographic Information Systems, it does not work buying the online program, because the implementation, training and support are aspects that companies have to identify under certain levels of trust and practicality. In these times of connectivity, the relationships built in the events, the contact obtained after reviews in blogs and familiarity reached with online communities or social networks, seems to work.

There are all the online seminars, wonderful that can be seen at any time, but in practice it has been found that those of us who attend an event carry expectations, doubts and confusions that we are sure will come out of during the four days of the event . And, in response, possibly to what they have detected of the experience, the Be Together is launched, with which the users of the communities have requested:

  • Interactive product guides
  • Live Conferences and Demonstrations
  • Test Areas
  • Round tables and thematic forums

Everything, with what could not be done last year, seeing the faces.

My expectation

For being involved in some projects that relate ESRI, Manifold and Bantley Map, I have a series of very specific questions that I hope to solve. Basic about interoperability, wfs and reasons why it's not working for me, but my emphasis is on this question:

If I am a user of Microstation, very happy from the SE version, I could understand the viscera of Geographics and GeoWeb Publisher, how is it possible that it costs me so much to understand the process flow of Bentley Map?

In other occasions my interlocution has been with Marketing of the Geospatial area, in this case I am interested in the merely technical under a simple dialogue:

-Look, this is my project, I will not use GeoWeb Publisher or Project Wise, only PowerMap:

I want from scratch, to create a schema xfm, with these three categories: Cadastre, Ordering, Cartography

-In the cadastral layer I want to create a layer called Plots

-I want to add four attributes: cadastral key, tax status, area and photograph

-I now want to make the key based on a mask, the tax status based on a boolean domain, the area based on a dynamic calculation, the photograph based on a hyperlink.

-To the cadastral layer I want to create an operation that will raise me a panel to store the data, and also let me edit it. Also make a link with an Access table, where your cadastral key matches.

-Then I want to create a user named Catastro, that takes those features and looks at the Command Manager tree.

I've been trying, but I want to see from scratch, because there is something in that flow that does not work at one stroke, the second yes, and in some cases occupies a third. Maybe it's silly, but if I can understand it, I'll be happy and I'll be able to finish the rest based on the example.

After that, I go to my next question:

Why is there no tutorial explaining this so that ordinary people see that Bentley Map is not on the other side of the sun?

N298551375479_2717 Whatever happens, I hope to bring the answers to the blog, for those who suffer the same penalties or have expectations with this type of software.


17 to 20 May 2010
In Philalelphia, Pennsylvania
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