AutoCAD Basics - 1 Section

basic concepts of autocad section 1This is the content of this first section of the free online AutoCAD Course:

Chapter 1: What is Autocad?

Chapter 2: The Autocad screen interface

2.1 The application menu

2.2 Quick Access Toolbar

2.3 The Ribbon Options

2.4 The drawing area

2.5 The Command Line Window

2.5.1 The Command Line Window in 2013 Version

2.6 Dynamic Parameter Capture

2.7 The Status Bar

2.8 Other Interface Elements

2.8.1 Quick view of open drawings

2.8.2 Quick view of presentations

2.8.3 Toolbars

2.9 Palettes

2.10 Contextual Menu

2.11 Workspaces

2.12 Customizing the Interface

2.12.1 More changes to the Interface

Chapter 3: Units and Coordinates

3.1 Units of measurement, drawing units

3.2 Absolute Cartesian Coordinates

3.3 Absolute Polar Coordinates

3.4 Relative Cartesian Coordinates

3.5 Relative Polar Coordinates

3.6 Direct Distance Definition

3.7 The Coordinate Indicator

3.8 Ortho, Grid, Mesh Resolution

Chapter 4: Drawing Parameters

4.1 The Startup System Variable

4.2 Start with Default Values

4.3 Start with an Assistant

4.4 Configuring Parameters

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  1. It is very good free teaching, and share it with people who do not have enough economy to study the autocad program.

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