AllPlan: 4 promising new features starting 2017

Allplan presents the BIM solution Allplan 2017-1: More time for the essentials

Numerous enhancements for maximum ease in task management and 3D modeling.
Optimized data exchange via IFC4.
- Wide selection of threaded joint systems

Allplan presents new improvements and advances in its BIM Allplan 2017 solution for architects and engineers. The current version makes collaboration through all the disciplines of a BIM project of maximum efficiency. The easy handling of the 3D solids, freeform and component modeling interface has been improved and the range of engineering catalogs for joints has been expanded. For users, this is reflected in greater transparency, more time savings and greater quality in the project.

Allplan 2017-1 offers powerful tools for establishing seamless collaboration among all partners in a BIM project. For example, the new "Taskbar" palette, which is directly connected to the open solution based on the bim + cloud, allows the tasks to be assigned in a specific way, managed easily and can be tracked. In this version, the Taskbar is even easier to use. Planning errors can be identified and corrected in the early stages.

Efficient working processes for modeling in 3D

At present, there are no longer limits in the modeling and modification of solids, free forms and components. 3D solids can be accurately modeled without prior polygonalisation. When working with user-defined freeform elements, users now have a lot more flexibility.

Improved IFC4 export

Allplan 2017-1 makes it easy to export BIM models to IFC4 format for the first time. Interaction with other BIM solutions has been significantly improved, information losses and inaccuracies have been reduced considerably. With Allplan 2017-1, finishing specifications, 2D elements and legends can now be exported through the IFC4 interface - which helps improve the quality of planning.

New catalogs of threaded joints

Threaded joints are essential for placing reinforcing bars in confined spaces. If they are not stored in the system, they must be processed manually. With Allplan 2017-1, the Ancotech BARON-C and SAH SAS 670 / 800 catalogs have been incorporated into existing joins in the system. With the current and updated selection of threaded joints, users will save time and improve the quality of their drawings.

Allplan awarded the Digital Transition in Construction award for its bim + platform in France

Allplan has won the Digital Transition in Construction award in the category of "collaboration and information exchange tools" thanks to the Bim bim + platform. The award was given to experts and software solution providers for architects, engineers and facility managers at the annual Digital Transition in Construction Awards, which took place at the 29 in Paris, France in November.

Focus OpenBIM de Allplan It was what convinced the jury, which ensures collaboration between all the participants of a BIM project in real time. The OpenBIM approach of Allplan allows all the people involved to share documents, templates and attributes in a single secure environment, according to experts. Among the nominees to the category "collaboration tools in exchange of information" were A360 from Autodesk, BIMPRO from Gestpro and Edifycad.

Allplan is Architects' Darling 2016

- 1.600 architects vote to choose their manufacturer
- Allplan wins the prize for the third time
- The awards ceremony will take place in Celle, Lower Saxony with about 350 guests

Allplan has been named Architects' Darling® for the third time, having been awarded in 2012 and 2014. The coveted gold phoenix statuette was awarded to experts and software solution providers for architects, engineers and facility managers, based in Munich, at the 10 gala held in November of 2016, where Allplan was named as the Manufacturer of preference in the category "Software of Architecture". This award is the result of a comprehensive survey conducted by Heize, a market research firm.

"It is a great pleasure to be named Architects' Darling for the third time," says Michael Koid, Managing Director of Allplan GmbH. "The architects' vote supports our purpose of providing the best solutions to our clients to simplify their work in exciting architectural projects, placing them in a competitive advantage. In this way, we contribute to the creation of better buildings. "

Once a year, architects and designers receive the opportunity to vote to value their favorite manufacturers. Heinze GmbH presented the Architects' Darling® Awards for the sixth time in Celle, Lower Saxony. Around 1.600 architects and designers chose their winners in twenty-four24 different product areas and seven cross-marketing disciplines.Allplan has been named Architects' Darling® for the third time, following wins in 2012 and 2014. The coveted golden phoenix statue was awarded to the Munich-based BIM experts and providers of software solutions for architects, engineers and facility management at the 10 November 2016, where Allplan was named favorite manufacturer in the "Architect Software" category. The award is the result of a large-scale survey conducted by market research company Heinze.

BIM objects already available in Allplan file format.

Allplan and BIMobject come together in close collaboration; Have announced that in the future, architects and engineers working with Allplan will be able to exploit the advantages of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology in the best way.

In the collaboration agreement, both companies have agreed that BIMobject will in future provide BIM objects in Allplan format on their cloud platform Data provided directly by a seller contains detailed product and material specifications. Allplan users will be able to integrate BIM objects easily into their plans, which will greatly simplify their day-to-day work and, together with the platform in the BIM collaboration cloud, bim +, will expand the possibilities of web-based collaboration. In the initial collaboration project, BIMobject will publish vendor-specific BIM objects in the native Allplan format, as well as general objects.

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