Access Oracle Spatial from BentleyMap

The following is an example of the functionalities that can be performed using Microstation BentleyMap to manage information from an OracleSpatial database.

Install Oracle Client

You do not need to have Oracle installed on your computer. Only the Client, in this case I am using 11g R2. Unlike when it was used Microsation Geographics, it is not necessary to define a connection string in the client, since there it worked more efficiently using an ODBC connector. In the case of BentleyMap, the connection string is defined in a VBA so that it is not being entered, saved in an xml file or entered in the panel when making the connection.

Bentley map oracle 1

Connect to the database

Bentley map oracle 1For this you have to do:

File> map interperability

This creates a tab in the side panel, which is what allows us to make connections to data from different sources. In the case of BentleyMap, from here you can access Oracle connections, SQL Server and WFS services.

Too bad that there is no connection to PostGIS.

In the Connections folder, right-click and select New Oracle Connection ...

This appears a panel, where we must enter the user, key and the service address.

In case of access via a port, which is usually the 1521, as well as the host and remote service where it is published.

The properties of a connection can be saved as an xml file of extension orax, sqlx or wfsx to call without having to enter the fields.

View and edit information

Once the connection is created, the layers available in the project are displayed, which can be viewed in an orderly manner by type, or by attribute category defined in Geospatial Administrator.

To consult data, the icon is used in the form of glasses, this allows to display the information in tabular form or as an xml structure.

Bentley map oracle

In the right button of the mouse the same functionalities of the bar are displayed spatial tools:

  • Querry is used to make a data query, either from the View (View) or from a specific query, or from all the existing data in the spatial schema.
  • Post is used to save changes made to the geometry.
  • Lock / unlock to enable the possibility of making changes.
  • Erase Cached Instances cleans view data

Bentley map spatial2

Bentley map oracle 1In case you want to make a specific query, you can place it in the field Where Clause, According to the information contained in the object. In this case, I only want the cadastral plots, which are in active state and belonging to the sector 0006 of Department 08 and Municipality 01. The query would be:


It is important to understand that BentleyMap edits natively, so the possibility of making disasters is in the lack of security controls. It is necessary to clearly establish the roles of the users, in control of the versioning and recovery options of information deleted by mistake. Generally people are naughty and confuse that it is lock with unlock.

Otherwise, it is wonderful, considering that you have all the capabilities of a CAD software. Practice says that you have to Make use of VBA For better management of the tools and for a transactional management.

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