A Saturday with the boys

Spending a day with children is never waste, these moments will never forget ... I think them neither.

9 to 12 am: At the dentist, a me, a my daughter, my bored son entertaining with Annette Moreno at the Acer mini.

... no photos

12 1 to: Eat a good Subway of 6 ", Ham and turkey, with jalapeño ... delicious but with the trunk asleep because of the anesthesia was complicated.

subway, 0

1 to 2 pm: In the Drawing contest, the one that Ocean organizes every year to offer their products, they gave them a radio in the form of an I-pod and a diploma.


2 3 to: In the museum, we went to see the exhibition of The Pan American School of Unrest… I recommend it

in the museum

5 to 6: 30 Finishing the puzzle of 1000 pieces; the first photo is mid week, they were very excited but the hardest thing was missing.

1 puzzle


In the celebration of Mother's Day, four pieces must have been lost.

No waste, the same passions, to the next generation.

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