A Heart called "Pepe"

As an infant, I wore a shirt that I gave as a gift for International Children's Day, without even knowing it, not even the city where its picnic areas were. Years later I became a customer of a small corner in front of La Merced Park in Tegucigalpa, where I would hide on Saturdays to baste between routine work and my weekend chore. The atmosphere was not splendid, but loneliness was enjoyed with the same taste as the chilaquiles, the pleasant talk of a black woman who attended the cash register and that gave a good flavor to the grotesque of the parish priests who came for a soup "levanta muerto "To take off the hangover to start another one.

Remembering it is a lump in my throat, were years of my sketches for oils in the succulent solitude and lyrics to the beat of silence before the girl came to light my eyes. Peaceful enjoyed that calm that contrasted with the bustling remembrance of the portraits of celebrities who stuffed the walls in evidence of having visited the business of this man, a Cuban nobleman who Fidel expropriated all his assets but not his dreams, which came to to fulfill other people's land to remain in history as a synonym of good cuisine and generosity.

In recent years it was my friendship with his wife, who in the cemetery expressed the words that literally I quote, almost with the same permission of the girl who contributed more than half of his prose.

Don Pepe Barroso

Confections, cookies, food to heap and lots of hubbub, was the preparation from an early day of the child.

He, anxious, prepared one more year to hold a celebration that was already part of his agenda.

I never imagined being a participant in such a human next to a great man project, but God in His vast goodness and mercy chose to serve a compassionate heart that I learned eternal values, such as reaching out to the needy, do not because there was plenty But because it is necessary for our souls to be filled with love through service to others. I feel privileged because I was with a godly being and shared a family with him and his last days of life.

Every experience with Pepe, seeing him restless in his honorable work makes me understand the legacy of a beloved foreigner who with work, effort and respect won the hearts of a nation where he could find freedom in all his senses.

There really are no words that can express the feelings that I hold at this moment, where I temporarily dismiss my husband, who has gone to a heavenly place next to the presence of the Almighty; But I am aware that one day I will see him again, when I also go to meet my Creator.

Thank you, Eternal Father, for giving me strength in this hour and to recognize that Your Word is fulfilled in me ....

"The Lord has helped us so far."

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