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7 natural wonders What the hell happened?

Thanks to insistence of Rebeca, a fan that I have in this page by the subject of the natural wonders I have noticed that something strange has happened, and is that apparently they have been erased some that were well positioned, just as they have suddenly appeared between the first ten some that walked above the position 100

Let's look at some examples of what we brought a pursuit for its potential:

surpriseThose who disappeared mysteriously

The Cocos Island, in Costa Rica, was among the first 10 positions, now not only does not figure, but the page is erased as if it did not exist:

The Baná River Biosphere, in Honduras, the same was between 10 and 20, now does not appear the same as Isla de Cocos.

Angel Falls, in Venezuela, was between positions 20 and 40, has now been erased

As well as this there are others, Pacaya Volcano, Phong Nah Park, Sundarbans Forests, all among the first 15 positions; in all of them a message appears that says that the page does not exist or is temporarily dropped. The funny thing is that when they choose to vote, they do not appear in the drop-down list.

surprise Who went up magically

And to our surprise we see that some who walked in distant positions appear in the first; example:

Lake CoatepequeIn El Salvador, it was in position 124, now it appears no less than in position 10. Good for our Salvadoran friends, but… isn't that a joke?

Like this, appears the Oasis Ein Ghedi of Isrrael, the national park Lomas de Lachay in Peru.

surpriseThose who do not change their positions

Nothing new has happened to Mexico, like being Blue, which is still in position 64 and Popocatepetl that is in position 87.

Question of the million: Are there more Salvadorans voting in fifteen days than Mexicans?

Ray! what happened?

There is no statement saying that they were eliminated, and according to the bases, they should compete in free battle until the end of the year.

In my opinion, a good hacker has played a joke, provoking the exit of those nominees and sending massive votes, which the organizers have not noticed; with the disadvantage that if they re-activate and have lost a lot of votes while they are down. If this is not the case (of hackers), they have our admiration for changoneta what are they doing by posting the “live ranking“, in which absurd surprises will be seen at the end.

image Here I show you the blue water falls, magnificent in Mexico and you want to vote for them.

... to all this, and what do you think?

... update ... several have already been integrated again.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. This does not end, even if it ends. Greetings Rebeka

  2. Maybe you're right ... we shouldn't throw in the towel

    This is not going to end until it is over….

  3. Possibly for many people, this is a competition between countries and nationalist egos. I don't think so Rebeka. On the other hand, I also have my doubts about the contest. I'm not sure it's done fairly. Mexico is a very big country. So big, that it has many wonders. I know that Rebeka. I have no doubt that in Mexico there are so many anonymous participants for the list. But, I also know that there are other small countries, of those that we do not even know, that also have their wonders. Costa Rica is so small that for us, a long trip is north and takes 4 hours. Going to the beach takes an hour etc. But Costa Rica, for many years declared itself an environmental country. We export air and some large percentage of the population enact peace. I live in a city, but as I told you here everything is 15 minutes away. Do not say that you throw in the towel Rebeka, because you and by far, have shown a fight in this. I would be glad that Mexico has its wonder on the list, as it does on the 7 new wonders. I tell you, I would suffer regarding these things, if I saw that the laws stop protecting them. Winning or not winning this contest makes no difference other than filling egos. Remember that we are inhabitants of the earth. You see… I've even appreciated you, so don't let go of the towel…. that there is still a long way to go. And congratulations on all this.

    If you want to keep in touch then we can exchange mails.

    Greetings, pinto, tequila and cigar.

  4. I read carefully about what you put in Agua Azul ... and it feels ugly that you put that Río Celeste or whatever it is called could win if it were there.

    Although it does not support in any way the nomination of the cascades of Agua Azul, that does not mean that they do not vote them.

    Each country will support its ecosystems, without scruple of the cause and the greatest dream of all and believe me is to prove that YOUR COUNTRY won.

    When Chichen Itza participated (I hope you voted for him), Peru insulted you as you could not imagine, I was dying of anger when I saw Peru falling to try to prove that it was Latin (Peru, Italy, Mexico, Brazil and Chile ) most important of all.

    The day I dared to defend Chichen Itzá, all Peruvians threw themselves on me and I realized that many are just looking to win, they are not interested in the welfare of their works.

    Now not human sites compete, but natural, many of them that harbor life and the truth I hope that both Costa Rica and Nicaragua are truly worthy representatives of the North.

    And I say this, because I threw the towel: Only a miracle could cause the Sumidero Canyon to go down from 190 to 77, that the Copper Canyon go down from 134 to 77 or Popocatepetl from 100 to 77.

    And above all to continue supporting Azul until the day of his departure, which is very soon ... it really is a matter of time, maybe a month, maybe days before the waterfalls come out of the top. And when they do it, I will not stop feeling pride in them because they jumped like the greats to compete with superior majesties IN SPITE OF BEING THE PROPOSED MEXICAN SITE THAT ALMOST NOBODY KNOWS.
    And if they manage to stay in the top, they would be dreams guajiros, because that panel of experts is a panel of idiots, I would say that they remove the Victoria catratas by putting the Niagara or the Iguazú.

    Now in a given case ... very remote case in which the miracle is fulfilled, Mexico and Costa Rica should unite, on the one hand leaving Costa Rica the responsibility of the aquatic spaces and on the other hand leaving the fire spaces to Mexico.

    The day I visited Agua Azul, it will be an honor for me… because as I told you before, they became my little champion overnight… and I didn't even propose them when it was time to nominate.

    The Popocatepetl ... we all know its history and its gallantry, the mischief of the volcano that will not cease to amaze me, I am not at all displeased by its position, rather disappointed by such an unfair place.

    The two guns will remain the two guns, one from the pre-dinosaur era, the other still larger than the Grand Canyon.

    So the truth is I hope that Costa Rica does not fall as low as Peru did, and that as Mexico did previously ... it managed to place its place in the first position.

    We are already halfway through the year and I will keep waiting for a miracle. But if at this time the voting phase is over ...

    ALL THE LUCK TO THE COCOS ISLAND… and applause to the waterfalls, the volcano and the canyons to which I will keep my eternal affection for having dared to compete with the best.

    The North zone already has Cocos Island, the Grand Canyon and the island of Ometepe in the next round.


  5. My dear Rebeca, I don't think my country will beat yours or yours will beat mine. This is not a country competition. This is a list of wonders of the world, not of countries that have them. Remember what I told you ... None of us can believe we are the owners or authors of them ... I am sure that your country is like the rest of the world ... good people, bad people, incredible nature etc. At no time I doubt the wonder that Mexico has or any other country in the world, but as I told you ... this is not a pique between countries ... Remember that in the end, if we do not take care of the planet, whether Mexicans or Ticos ... we all go to the club… Rebeka, in the end we are always all brothers. As I told you before, I have many friends in Mexico and I think they like it a lot because they have come too many times and we always go to the rapids, national parks… to fly and see the mountains… .. yes, they surely like it, as I do. I would like a lot of Mexico when I visit it (I hope to do it one day).

    When you say "Mexico gives to the world" it sounds more like tourism to me and not the splendor of what Mexico has in store. The wonders of this planet belong to everyone. We are only guardians of them.

    Remember my dear Rebeka ... Mexico does not compete against Costa Rica or any other country ... we are only guardians of wonders.

    Greetings Rebeka

  6. First of all: I made a transcriber error: Popocatepetl-Iztaccihuatl National Park is not the second highest peak in the world. Excuse me, it's from Mexico. (the first is Orizaba a vólcán)

    Gino, do you know anything more about Mexico than the four nominees?
    Do you know what it is you say? Without a fight But do you think Costa Rica beats my country?

    Something that makes me like Mexico is its nature.

    Do you know Río Celestún? It is in Quintana Roo, and can win if it is proposed.

    The Pinacate and the great Altar desert? with its craters, its fauna ... FUANA THAT CANNOT LIVE IN A DESERT.

    Four Cienegas? The great sign that there was life before the dinosaurs

    Monarch butterfly? The great Yucatecan sanctuary

    Paricutin? The youngest volcano in the world and that was born under the feet of a man

    Xel ha? The sacred cenotes? (better than Puerto Princesa) ..
    The Vizcaino? and SIann Kaan? patrimony of humanity

    234 Gulf of California Island? WORLD HERITAGE

    The reserves of the biosphere?

    Lagoons in Montebello? LET ME SAY THAT ALL CORRIEORN WITH LUCK TO PROPOSE BLUE WATER, because the gaps and believe me it would be very good to propose them CHANGE COLOR

    Or the caves of the giant crystals
    The basement of the Golondrinas

    Do you know them? Well you should, because they are not the least part of what Mexico can give the world.

    And that's why I'm glad they are 4 and not all because here if it is seen for the well-being of the spaces, not like Peru that proposes to the idiot or Venezuela

    The Popocatepetl resists well the excessive tourism equal the dl ravines copper but not so blue and the canyon of the sumidero.

    Let me see the candidates well, but at the outset I tell you this:

    Cocos Island, Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and the fight between the Arenal and Popocatepetl


    And last

    DO YOU REMEMBER THE LAST VOTE? You make me feel bad when you say that the island is not moving….

    I remember that in the first vote ... some beautiful Mayan constructions in Yucatan did not fall below the top 5

  7. You should run for president Rebeka, the only bad thing is that you are very imposing in your ideals. You should try to inform more not to make people believe that they are wrong. Imagine, that I could give you the 8 thousand reasons why coco's should be the first and only great natural wonder, but that would be wrong because to be able to say that, I should know all the candidates at the same level as coco's. That is why I explained that the way to vote is not correct, because you only vote for those you want or know. I'm sure there are a thousand times better volcanoes elsewhere. In Costa Rica there is a wonder, not mentioned in the list, called Rio Celeste. Because it is in a very thick forest area, it has no access to people. But she could compete and even beat your blue falls. However, as I said, it is difficult to impose a criterion, when the information is not complete.

    There's one important thing you don't know about coco's. Going to the island is a privilege for few. The trip costs 4300 dollars and you subscribe to an 8-day excursion in which you do not get off the yacht other than for the very controlled diving sessions. Going down to the island is something that lasts a few hours and is also controlled. It is perhaps, of the wonders, which today, is more guarded, cared for and protected for being a natural heritage of humanity. You can't take out a grain of sand, you can't leave anything either. It's not like you mentioned in the past, that we Ticos don't care or that we're going to screw it up if she gets elected. The full name is Cocos Island Marine Conservation Area. But affectionately, as happens with popo, we call it Isla del Coco or simply Coco's. 1% of Ticos have visited the island either as volunteers in the reservation or assisting the park rangers. Others for scientific purposes. Apart from that, the tourists who go, both Costa Ricans and foreigners, say the same thing. I heard someone say the following…..”I know why my country has not been able to buy this island. Not even God can” when I hear that, I am happy, because that is awareness of the treasures we have in the world. Coconut Island is not a tourist center, there are no hotels, houses, people or anything other than checkpoints and being there is somewhat more controlled than visiting the Louvre museum. However, there is always illegal fishing, curiously a high percentage of fishing vessels in the area are Mexican vessels. But well, we hope we can find more support to implement more satellite surveillance and also the diplomatic means to more severely condemn this medieval custom.

    Finally, I could tell you that in Costa Rica there are enough wonders to fill the list, but aware that ALL countries in the world have them, the fact of naming 7 does not degrade the others. This is very different from football… you are going to cheer on your team and finally the team is mediocre and you continue to support mediocrity. In the case of the wonders, all of them deserve to be number one, but if the inhabitants of the country do not take care of it, that is something else. Remember also that size is not everything. 🙂

    Kisses, coffee, pinto, tequila and cigar.
    To my compatriots and nature lovers, a vote for coco's that up to the moment of the first 7 is the most stable.

  8. The truth is I do not even know what makes them so.

    The best volcano in the world is Mexican and not one, because the world praises three. and these three are called Iztaccihuatl, the woman asleep, the first and last, not the cheap copy that Peru wanted to put her and still dare denigrate Iztaccihuatl.

    The second is Popocatepetl, the second highest peak in the world and it does not even deserve to be voted together with the plebs of other volcanoes that I will not say names, but finally, the king should not mix with the things that love him win.


    The third is Paricutin, WONDER OF THE NATURAL WORLD, according to the world.

    And I say that Popocatepetl (full name please) because it's the truth, I recognize the superiority as soon as I see it and I know that a better fall than Azul, is in Africa (I do not say the name) and I give all my support, because I play and I know that a better barrel awaits the moment.

    But Kilimanjaro, Etna, Arenal, Vesuvius, Krakatoa, Mayon, Cotopaxi, Chileans and others will never have the level of a volcano so PERFECT that it has adapted so well with humans.

    I do not know what the hell people think about when they vote, but I'm honored and I'll tell you that my votes are distributed like this:



    And I do not remember who else, everest I do not vote, I feel cruel to vote for a mountain than the whole Himalaya.



    1 - In case a wonder was withdrawn from the competition due to lack of the government support document, it is possible that this is arranged by simply sending the supporting document. However, this document can only be sent by the ministry that administers the candidate.

    2-EL Popo is a good candidate, definitely, however, we must not rule out that other countries also have incredible volcanoes ... El Arenal de Costa Rica is definitely overshadowed by Coco's, however this colossus, like El Popo, is active 24/7, it has a perfect conical shape and is a true little volcano charm. Now, the contest is for 7 wonders ... and considering that it is obvious that for my part I want Coco's on the list, I cannot help but think that there are incredible wonders that we do not know and that they would also be candidates to have a position on the table .

    3-Costa Rica appears as North America for the following reason. NO WHAT IS THE REASON. The contestants show a tremendous hermeticism in terms of contacts. Personally, I wanted to correct that. Costa Rica is from Central America. I also wanted to replace the photo that they put that steals in an 99% information to the nominee. I have thousands of photos better than that. But it seems that the gentlemen of the contest, are behind closed doors and do not accept any kind of suggestion or complaint.

    4-I do not know which is the country that has more candidates, and I want to think that there will be some kind of leveling. I would like to know that if this is a contest, the results or criteria of the judges will be based on fairness and not on a sort of geographic accommodation.

    Finally, except for some Eastern sanctuaries, the remaining candidates have been exposed until recently, to mistreatment and deterioration by governments and individuals. It is one to two decades to this date, that has awakened awareness about the values ​​of this. I hope that after the contest, it will continue with that. As I said before, the wonders of which we speak, do not need any certification .. They simply are.

    Again, greetings to all…. to Rebeka… my support and a little coffee…. and everyone in general, continue to support the management also in fact. You feel better when you are a part of this.

    Gino Delgado

  10. I was watching carefully how to vote in this contest. Find something that may be affecting the performance of a just fair.

    When a person wants to vote, it may make him motivated in one or two objectives, however, the options are for 7. This means that one is forced to vote for the other options as follows. Vote for your favorites and then vote for others you do not know or who are far from being competitors with yours. You may vote for the favorite, then look for the last ones on the list to vote for them, it's a way to spend the remaining options without affecting your favorite

    I think the correct way to vote would be to cast only one vote, or cast votes according to positions. In the latter case, if I vote for place A for wonder number one ... B for wonder number two and so on, in such a way that they are placed in the positions according to that criterion. Notwithstanding this, I believe that the correct way would be to cast only one vote, so the fair would be more fair.

    Greetings to all and my dear Rebeka ……
    pinto and tequila for all on my own

    Gino Delgado.

  11. I don't know in what way the support for Popocatepetl can be made known ... I can't explain why Azul and the Sumidero Canyon have those dreadful positions if the state of Chiapas is one of the most boastful in all of Mexico in terms of its wealth .

    And I do not explain why people prefer other cannons than Copper, if it's really a charm.

    And I don't understand why the volcano went down so horrible ... I'm only going to ask one thing. In case, which is the safest and I can even swear it, in which Mexico does not participate, the vote for the categories: waterfall, volcano and canyon does not give them. Except for the Victoria Falls if they remain.

    It would hurt me a lot to see that a Latin American volcano other than Popocatepetl is chosen, you can vote for anything you want for others. But in itself, one should have a special respect for this wonder.

    For nowhere else, there are two volcanoes that have human similitudes, which have a legend and not just any legend, but truly a work. Before, the Popocatepetl volcano and the Iztaccihuatl voccan were next to the lake of Texcoco: WHAT WOULD TODAY BE THE CITY OF MEXICO.

    It would hurt to see that Agua Azul does not enter, because despite being the least known in Mexico, the world voted for them and they are the only ones at the top. Discreet ... but beautiful.

    As for the two canyons, we all know that the Sumidero canyon is from before the dinosaurs stepped on Earth and that the Copper canyon added another train to the statues of one of the most beautiful.

    A vote for them! I do not ask for more…

  12. Can not be! The most voted candidates in Venezuela were the Angle waterfall and the Charles Brewer Cave, and now both have disappeared from the list ...

    If the reasons for not being were any of the three that Dino Delgado mentioned, is there any way to remedy that? That they put them back on the list?

  13. I think that most of them were withdrawn by the third case, and how miserable are the government institutions dedicated to documenting… what are the money spent on?

  14. Partners, the participants who are removed from the list is for one of three reasons.

    1-Because they have not voted for it and are outside the general list
    2-Because it was withdrawn by those who initially nominated or supported it.
    3-Because the government support document requested on the site is not filled.

    In the case of Coco's there was a delay with the supporting document.

  15. It's true ... Angel Falls is the highest, oldest, most beautiful and famous waterfall in the world. I don't understand why they took it out of the competition as if it didn't exist ... it was very well positioned because it was among the first 7 places ... Charles Brewer cave too She was the victim of this strange event, she was also a very good competitor since it is the largest pink quartz cave in the world, it has underground rivers, waterfalls, natural slides and a very rich endemic fauna ... it is also found in the Venezuelan Guayanes massif ...

    Another extra thing is because other impressive wonders of Venezuela are not in this competition such as the swamps of El Catatumbo ... they are a group of swamps that are found in the northern part of Lake Maracaibo ... the gases that expel these swampy lands plus the winds Cold alights that come down from the Andean mountain range give birth to one of the most admirable phenomena of our nation, the catatumbo lightning. It is a constant lightning unique in the world that is seen every night, it is very powerful and colorful, it can be seen from the Guajira of Colombia to the Lesser Antilles, and as if that were not enough it is the only meteorological phenomenon that regenerates the ozone layer, In other words, it covers the eyes that it has ... it is unique in the world and it is here in Venezuela ...

    it's really sad that this happens but we can't do anything about it ... well thanks ...

  16. Rebeka, don't worry so much about hackers in this. What you can do is what I do…. encourage your compatriots to support their candidates. I tell you for example… all my colleagues, family and friends have already voted for our proposals…. but my friends and brothers from Mexico don't even know what I'm talking about when I ask them. That has nothing to do with hackers or fraud, it is a matter of national interest. Focus on cheering your candidates…. do not see the performance of others…. see yours and try to make people aware of caring for the planet. El Popo is not going to stop being what it is if it does not win ... neither does Arenal and even less the island of Coco. The coconut island was removed from the list because there was a confusion with the supporting note, but that was fixed and it returned two places less than when it was removed, as a result of being away for a week.

    Support your people or country, from within ... keeping the climate free of pollution and clean. I do the same with my people. And here it is not worth saying, may the best win…. In fact, all the wonders deserve our admiration, respect and care.


  17. Hi de neuvo, to all those who see this, I will be very grateful if your votes include one for blue water and one for the Popocatepetl volcano.

    In good plan Costa Rica, you well know that they are not North American. And that the true Americans are likely to be displaced by Central America.

    The Arenal Volcano is beautiful, and so it will be forever, has its status, its graces, its elegance.


    You can support everything you want to Cocos Island, but please think about your vote for the voclán, because it would hurt me a lot if Popocatepetl does not get the title that should be given by right.

    I know there are several cannons better than Sumidero and Copper, so with them I will not fight. But I think it is necessary to know why Popocatépetl joined Iztaccihuatl, they deserve to represent North America.

    You know the idyllic volcanoes, those who truly tear the tears of those who dare to know its legend.

    Once a teacher told me “Only the maidens and the young men who die of love, deserve to rest on the shores of Mount Humenate and the sleeping woman!


    They ran the years of the grende and amazing Aztec power. It was a very propsera and good time, and the emperor could not feel happier.

    However, her greatest pride was the beautiful daughter she had, everyone considered her similar to a flower, the most beautiful flower of all that there was, her name was Iztaccihuatl, and several had tried to be her suitors. However, she only had eyes for the brave and handsome Popocatepetl, who had the reputation of being the best warrior of all ... and the bravest. And happily, he was also lost by that beauty.

    The emperor looked with good eyes at this relationship and without opposing gave Popocatepetl the hand of his daughter.

    But on the eve of nuptials, terrible news came: everything seemed to indicate that a warlike people was preparing to attack them. The emperor then assembled his most daring and daring warriors, asking the valiant Popocatepetl to be the leader of that army.

    Envying the privileges that had been granted to him, some envious warriors left the battle and went to the emperor alleging that Popocatepetl had died.

    Iztaccihuatl heard this and when he did not endure so much pain, he vanished and fell into a deep sleep from which he could no longer wake him.

    When Popocatepetl returned triumphantly, he learned of the sad fate that poor Iztaccihuatl had had and devastated by the pain, he went to the palace of the emperor and took Iztaccihuatl in his arms, it is said that the two disappeared from the city and were never seen again.

    Soon the inhabitants of the valley of Mexico admired the birth of two mountains, but not any mountains, they launched fire and ended with some houses, but this fact was short lived, since one of the two mountains (Iztaccihuatl) stopped launching Fire and fell back into his eternal sleep.

    But the other is still there. He is called Popocatepetl "Mount that smokes" who wakes up every winter to see if his beloved has woken up and seeing that this does not happen, she releases fire of sadness from her entrails. and he stays like this until the following winter… watching over the eternal sleep of Itzaccihuatl “Sleeping Woman”

    VOTE FOR IZTACCIHUATL-POPOCATEPETL “the most beautiful love story from nature”

  18. no, not only were they from America, also Phong Nah Park, Sundarbans Forests (to put two examples that were in the top positions) that are from Asia were eliminated

  19. The strange thing is that only those of America disappeared. What do they have against us?

  20. and I say, to be joking, I do not think so because you know well just like me, for example. The Arenal that is sure to reach the top 77 does not have that to compete against the Kilimanjaro, or with Popocateptl if it returns to the top.

    And it is not because of bad vibes, but there is no comparison between the Mexican volcano against the Costa Rican one. Since I think we all know the legend that surrounds the "Mount that smokes"

    And the lake of Slavador? It is not rival for lakes like Baikal, Titicaca, Louis or Retba or Tanganyca. And let's not say the Marian Tanks.

    I hope the truth is that the fuji, amazon and everest move away from the top 10 because if this continues, we will see them soon.

    AND MANY THANKS TO SAY THAT VOTE FOR BLUE WATER. The state of Chiapas in southeastern Mexico welcomes two nominees, which are the waterfalls and the Sumidero Canyon.

    And it surprises me that the Lagunas de Montebello (change of color), the Lacandon Jungle or the Tacaná biosphere are not to be found.

    Like Chihuahua I do not want to put the cuva of the crystalline giants.

    And the state of Mexico did not propose the ecological sanctuary of monarch butterflies and even the bride of Popocatepetl: the same Iztaccihuatl.

  21. because the truth if it were a hacker, they should realize, because now that you mention it, you have seen that I cast earth, but the truth is to increase the tension.

    Because in itself I am a good loser. But about getting them out of competing. ???????????????????????????????????? '

    Now, I mean, they came out really good candidates. I do not think the Venezuelans would take Angel jump, because the truth after the cataratas victory, Angel's are my favorites (AFTER BLUE CLEAR)

    And Chocolate Hills, and Mayon, too. I liked the hills very much.

    The truth is I think it is very dirty, and also Mexico has suffered burns in case you had not noticed, and I say by the Canyon of the Sumidero that of the 180 does not happen even though Chiapas is already supporting their sites (not I am of chiaspas I am of mex edo) and the waterfalls of blue water, are chiapanecas.

    The Popocatepetl suffers ups and downs every time as well as Copper.

    And he sees this: the great south of the United States was worse than the Canyon of the Sumidero and now it is in the site 10 or 11.

    And I say that it is not more likely that the everglades, yosemite or yellowstone were those of that site? Because even the grand canyon is under the great south.

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