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6 months of earnings on a blog

This weekend I was forced to talk about ways to monetize content on the Internet, it was a group of young entrepreneurs, those who have their profile of Hi5! To the crown of pints; So I want to dedicate this post to talk about the earnings The income that the previous web generated when we were a month to adjust the first year.


The blog started in June of 2007, although it was until November that our friend of Cartesia added the option of Analytics statistics, so today I want to show the six months that these statistics mean, compared to tangible income.

1. Revenue from AdSense

Month SIGN IN Growth in income % Of total income Visits Growth visits
June to October $ 9.38 3% ??
November 2007 $ 10.73 14% 24% 3,121
December 2007 $ 30.84 287% 50% 5,654 81%
January 2007 $ 39.05 26% 42% 7,500 33%
February 2007 $ 34.77 89 % OFF 39% 9,992 32%
March 2007 $ 65.78 89% 48% 13,406 34%
April 2007 $ 103.69 58% 57% 18,893 41%


Before having this blog, I led some educational initiatives, including a page that had been around for almost three years, also a couple of my own blogs, and I wrote freelance for others. When I started this blog, someone did a fairly formal market study with a product cycle that marked when to take significant steps, among them it was recommended that I abandon other seedy initiatives that did not exceed 60 daily visits and dedicate completely to just one ; This was one of the reasons why only one of them survived and why I had to abandon the freelance habit, although leaving one of them was a difficult decision due to its potential.

The table represents AdSense income, only from content, although there have been referral and search gains I have left them out because they are not so significant and they take away the sense of comparison. The column that shows the% of the total is relative to the total income, including that of the other page and the measly pennies of the abandoned initiatives.

2. How the revenues grew

  • From July to October, when the blog began its pininos, income through this route barely reached 3% of the total in those 5 months. If it weren't for the fact that someone made me a 3-year forecast, with definition of times and growth expectations, $ 9.38 would have been enough to abandon the venture to find knack for writing (because although you can write for pleasure, it is not sustainable time if you want to do it in a disciplined way).
  • From November, When I had access to statistics, keywords and countries from which users came I could reach $ 10.73, which meant 24% with respect to the total of that month.
    From then on I was able to do ad format testing exercises and write as the script ordered. It was thus that in December I reached $ 30.84 and 50% of the total income from AdSense
  • January Improved a bit, I came to 39% with $ 39.05
  • February Went down by having only 28 days and I kept in $ 34.77
  • March It improved and revenue doubled due to changes in AdSense policies (effective area of ​​clicked, which increased effectiveness), this started to take effect after my visitors from Europe grew.
  • In April, the script said that after exceeding 250 posts I had to launch my first advertising campaign, which I have done through AdWords and Zync. I have had a better growth in visits (41%), I assume that I will reach 21,000 visitors, the income could be higher but my advertising campaigns in AdWords have been oriented to the countries of Latin America where clicks are at $ 0.05 contrary to those of Europe that are usually above $ 0.10. In any case, it reached $ 103.69 (as of April 27) and now represents 57% of the total.

Growth Strategies

My main strategy is to write in a disciplined way (at least 40 monthly posts in this initial stage), which means that the visitors will come from the Google search engines and I will be able to easily make comparison between visits and income. Also, if you write consistently, you will be linked by others whose credibility will bring you visits, although this includes a greater demand for time for comments that must be moderated and answered almost immediately.

In total I collected in this period $ 294.24 from AdSense, if we add the references and searches it will go for $ 310.00. Added to the income from the other website, they tend to compensate for the couple of hours that must be dedicated at night to this vice and especially the emotion produced by knowing that it is growing. Although in a later post I intend to talk about the sustainability of this and the relationship with the hours dedicated to this work and related costs.

Revenue Revenue

Some of my posts are sponsored, they will have noticed and hopefully know to tolerate that it is something necessary and in some cases experimental.

These revenues have reached $ 79.00 is not much for the risk of saturating readers of issues sometimes coined by force, but it is part of the exercise.

Link revenue

These go for $ 72.00, very low compared to my other website but add up and are not so annoying. In their time they were in the right bar, entremetidos in the blogroll.

Other income

Hmm ... there are other reasons that cause satisfaction and maturity in relationships, especially from attending conferences or exposure at seminars. If we give it a price, the revenue from AdSense becomes miniscule.

In summary, this is the total:

AdSense revenue $ 310.00
Reviews $ 79.00
Links Income $ 72.00
Sponsored conferences $ 6,175.00
Total $ 6,636.00

The best pay

The numbers are usually cold, $ 6,636 in entries, 263 posts, 574 comments, 58,566 total visits ...

But give a price to almost a year of posting, many fans of geofumados and new friends found in the art of blogging ... priceless.

Anyway, after almost a year, I thank you for your tolerance of my sincere combination of taste for writing with the experiment of drawing money from the 2.o web model.

Over time, I have returned to this writing, and I have made comparisons of trends that have changed many things; However I have decided to leave the post as a historical reflection of what happens the first year in this art of systematizing content online.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. Thank you for the honor of commenting XuRxO, I know that you only do it when you deem it pertinent; I must admit that when you mentioned me in Geomaticblog I have gained a good amount of visitors.

    Regarding the sponsored post, generally those who pay for these services in Zync request "that it not be mentioned that the post is sponsored", so I usually place these in the "miscellaneous" category, although not all of them go there and not all of the that are in this category are sponsored. I think that following your recommendation, which is very successful by the way, I will create a category called “Reviews”, to be able to identify those that are paid reviews. Although the fact that they are paid does not mean that I have lied, rather it means that I have forced the theme in some cases, but whenever I choose a sponsored service I prefer to try it to be frank in criticizing not only the good but also the deficient or that it can be to get better.

    As for sponsored links, to the right are specifically identified.

    And as for being hosted in Cartesians, before I did this with other blogs, but there are many reasons to stay in cartesianos one of them is to have about 50 visits per day to be and cartesian cover.
    So that someone would not get ahead of me, I bought, although I would not expect to migrate the blog, maybe only include other topics not so related to the blog but taking advantage of the brand ... I will have time for that ... of course being in Cartesians limits playing with the template but save trouble.
    I've already brought cartes of bandwidth, especially for my images so for a while here the images are stored in, thus saving Tomas problems.


  2. Hello,

    Impressive document, I would never have thought that in such a short time you can get that performance to the blog. We in the GB We have never thought about the subject of advertising (more than anything because we do not have your rhythm of publication or visits) but just a matter of thinking a little.

    At the moment we write (and a server maintains) in the blog with the candida (or not so much) intention of being able to share the things that we like, throwing often hours without expecting much in return (except perhaps that one is known in places I would not expect it and give it a little pride).

    Just two comments, for honesty, you should indicate clearly which are the sponsored posts, especially if you want to be taken seriously. I explain: if you write a sponsored post, it seems to me a moral obligation to be traditional Impartial if possible a lot more Transparent that if one writes by pure taste (or disgust) with respect to a certain product, service, etc. If not, you may think that all Are sponsored and your impartiality would be broken forever.

    And the same I think in relation to sponsored links. Mix sponsored links (I understand that they are not those that are under the category sponsors) With others who are not, would not show much hostility, if I may say so.

    What surprises me is that having these earnings already, you use the Cartesia host, being able to “set it up” on your own domain and with a surely more powerful hosting. It's a matter of comfort, I suppose.

    A greeting!

  3. Such data could lead to deception. Something similar happens when you put a website for sale, one of the parameters that value it, is the number of hours a week that needs to be dedicated.

  4. Thanks Thomas, you are right. In a later post I will talk about how "profitable" the hours of dedication can mean with respect to income


  5. Hello Gol. Some nuance…. you speak of profit, when it really is income. You should quantify the cost of your work and other indirect costs, to get the benefits.

  6. Viva

    Good earnings. Let more profits come.

    Always continue like this.

    Luiz Amadeu Coutinho
    Online Geoinformation

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