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GIS, scripting and Mac are a natural combination a blog Which I have decided to recommend, because to myself it has given me much satisfaction to find.

Reading the reasons why this blog arrived there makes us understand why it has been left with an old WordPress template, without a Home button and an unfriendly URL for Mr. Google. And its content is not based on an accelerated desperation to be in the blogosphere but as an act of gratitude for what is learned on a daily basis with a promise that says almost everything:Mapserver postgis scripting

The idea is never to make a repost Of things that already exist without creating new content to help the Internet community as collective intelligence.

Demonstrating that it's worth it to spend 5 minutes of confidence is not that hard to achieve. I just have to show them the tag cloud so that they see that it is GIS content from the point of view of the programmer, with many practical tips and codes in the cliches in which we are accustomed to suffering:

While it takes a couple of years, it does not have a lot of content. But what is there speaks for itself.

I leave some topics for you to go there, tweet it and add it to your reading markers.

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