5 Important things about Be Inspired 2012

Followers on Twitter account @geofumadas You will have noticed two full days dedicated to the hashtag #BeIn2012. To update an excess of concentrated content in just three days, here is a summary of the 5 things that stand out from the Be Inspired:

1 The most interesting project

De 57 Finalist projects, the system made by the Azerbaijani boys that I have to admit, has surprised me. They have developed with VBA on PowerDraft (Economic version of Microstation), achieving the old Via XFM (The predecessor of the I-model), to extract the attributes to the objects that are created from the DGN, managing them from PostGIS, such that:

  • Objects are constructed
  • Space attributes are captured on the fly
  • Tabular attributes are entered
  • Everything falls into a PostGreSQL Database
  • Management of objects via PostGIS Without the tortuousGeospatial Administrator
  • Published in clear development on MapGuide OpenSource

Bentley Systems Be Inspired

Although we do not know if they will win, we know that they will exploit this development because to date many users are reluctant to use GeoWeb Publisher as long as the idpr format is a web exchange version and the Geospatial Server is kept at prices that are not common sense. Total the GIS for Bentley is a plus for users of Geo Engineering and not a vertical line.

2 I-models, Bentley's BIM

Bentley insists on enhancing its smoked format, which can be visible from common applications such as Office, PDF readers, iPad, Revit and Civil3D. While it is just a version «orderly»Of XML embedded in the maps, will end up being a standard that will concentrate data management and Will make digestible DGN For competing software and non-specialized users.

The majority of recent acquisitions that Bentley has made after the V8i are not aimed at buying new technologies but potential customers using developments that can enhance the I-model. And it is good now to see quite real examples in workflows from conceptual, architectural, structural, environmental, topographic and construction design in which traceability is integrated into real life objects.

Bentley Systems Be Inspired

In more than one presentation, they cordially greet the dwg format, which added a new format this year. And, from the 7 version that lasted while the 16 bits were there, Bentley created the DGN V8 only with the jump to 32 bits and left it ready so that the 64 bits could be adapted to the attributes via I-model. A great decision that does not suffer for a version, a subject that will surely explode more before the competition.

3 CONNECT, Bentley's Dropbox

Bentley prepares a new stage of what was known as Bentley SELECT, launched in 1994. Now it is a Dropbox storage and synchronization space, boosting content in the cloud, mobile applications and Intranets.

Bentley Systems Be Inspired

4 Mobile as the central theme

It is not surprising for its validity, but we have been surprised by the priority it has been given on this occasion. So we see ProjectWise and AssetWise united by mobile applications. Last year they showed us about iPad, now about Android and Windows Mobile in the Tiles UI style.

A promising SDK, bet on the three main platforms, the alliance Rushed with Trimble, The empowerment of Descartes with Itara / Pointools plus live demonstrations confirm what the symbol of this event represents: Mobile connectivity.

Bentley Systems Be Inspired

5 Bentley Utilities Designer, GIS applied to networks

This is a PowerDraft / PowerCivil style version that is oriented to connected network systems with what can be applied to hydrosanitary projects, transport systems and with the potenical of Bentley Map to insist on killing applications and transverse them with the happy I-model .

Bentley Systems Be Inspired

In conclusion, a large Be Inspired that is held for the third time in Amsterdam, almost parallel to the SPAR Europe in The Hague. This time in a hotel that is around the touristic tempting districts. With that same inspiration in the Cannabis of the people of Bentley, seeing what will happen in 5 years, oriented to strategic users of long-term business.

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