5 Online courses for Cadastre - very interesting

We are pleased to announce that the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy conducts various education activities in Latin America, including free online courses.

On this occasion announces the new promotion of courses that will be offered 2 of the 18 November 2015.


The links listed below lead to postulation sites. There you will find the course programs that describe the objectives, work method, content and chronology of activities, teachers, as well as the terms of application and participation. The deadline to apply will close the 21 October 2015.

Cadastral update: Options and experiences

It seeks to discuss simple alternatives (technically and financially viable in any municipality) to improve the quality of the data present in the cadastre, basically its actuality.

Tax efficiency of the property tax: How does the amplitude of the tax base affect the design of the tax rate?

This course is designed to encourage the analysis of alternatives used by the entity responsible for the administration of the tribute, with a special look at the binomial performance and efficiency.

Land and housing policies: Relations and instruments

The course proposes the discussion of the housing problem in its two dimensions: soil and housing, through the analysis of the effects of different housing financing mechanisms on the land market.

Adaptation of territorial planning instruments for small cities

The aim of the course is to present and work on the particularities that define small cities and their urban management processes, in order to identify the most appropriate instruments for the definition of land policies.

Urban Real Estate Valuation Update: Strategies and Practices for Successful Implementation

It discusses novel strategies and practices, analyzing successful experiences of values ​​updating processes in Latin America.

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  1. I work in areas related to the courses offered,
    How can I participate, to register.
    Thank you very much.

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