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BRAZIL: Environmental and rural management improves with the use of geospatial technologies

Geospatial technologies, indispensable tools for territorial planning, are revolutionizing the way of managing real estate

A series of courses Which will be held on June 18 in São Paulo, Brazil, will teach to take advantage of the Geospatial data And to the Systems of Geographical Information (GIS) For territorial management, urban planning and public and private administration. To see the grid of the mini courses and to be able to register enter:

  • El Course of georreferenciamiento of rural properties Will discuss the new legislation on the subject and will also address the technical aspects, such as the field survey, an important issue for property owners and for survey technicians.
  • El Rural Environmental Cadastre Course, With a focus on the new Forest Code, will address the main aspects of this new instrument for rural environmental regulation, highlighting the technical and regulatory challenges associated with the implementation of the CAR and the open opportunities for service providers, companies and governments .
  • El Course of Geoprocessing in the Management of Municipalities, Will bring solutions to avoid errors in the project stages, contracting and updating of geoprocessing programs in the medium and small prefectures. A representative of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) will be the instructor of a Course on Spatial Data Infrastructures (FDI), With emphasis on the Brazilian initiative for the organization of geographical information.

Finally, a mini-course will be held, by two specialized instructors in the geographical intelligence sector, which will explain why it is important to implement the Geomarketing in companies And what the benefits are.

The mini courses, which will be held as part of the programming of the event MundoGEO # Connect LatinAmerica 2013 - Conference and Fair of Geomatics and Geospatial Solutions -, will last six hours and include a certificate. These mini courses are aimed at professionals who want to know the basic concepts and possibilities of application of geospatial technologies.

More information in the email and through the + 55 (41) 3338-7789.


TAIWAN: SuperGIS Online integrated with Microsoft Excel

Supergeo to Release Public Cloud GIS Service-SuperGIS Online for Excel Add-inSuperGeo Technologies has just announced that it will launch an Add-in that will facilitate the integration of Excel into the SuperGIS Online application. 

With this, users will be able to do routines that they usually do with Microsoft Office Excel 2010, such as generating graphs, thematic maps, statistical reports under geographic application with the potential of the services provided by SuperGIS Online.

SuperGIS Online Excel Add-in, users can create tables and get corresponding information such as names of counties, cities and towns and specific coordinates, as well as display data visually with unique values, color gradation, graded symbols, etc. .


SuperGIS Online is available globally, however for now the Excel Add-in is only for customers in Taiwan.

More information about GIS solutions SuperGIS Server, visit:


FRANCE: Mobile GIS, SuperSurv 3.1 helps improve drinking water and sanitation systems in France

SuperGeo Technologies, has also announced that SuperSurv 3.1, the mobile GIS software for Android devices, has been chosen by Dignoise Regie des Eaux to conduct field data collection to streamline studies and improve drinking water services and Sanitation in Digne-les-Bains, France.

Established by the town hall of Digne-les-Bains, Dignoise Regie des Eaux focuses on the operation of the local drinking water system and sanitation services. GIS technology will enable the municipality to fully integrate hydrological and environmental data with quality control and continuous improvement of groundwater systems in adjacent areas for sustainable water resource development.

With SuperSurv 3.1, Dignoise Regie des Eaux staff will be able to adjust policies using almost real-time data, as well as promoting operational efficiency in long-term water management control and water quality management . As a result, residents can live healthier with proper drinking water and sanitation services.

Géo.RM is the professional GIS consulting company that specializes in providing GPS solutions and GIS maps to meet a variety of industrial applications. Through collaboration with Géo.RM, SuperGeo will be able to meet the needs of French-speaking customers with the innovative software and SuperGIS services.

More information on SuperSurv 3.1, visit:



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ZatocaConnect is Global Strategic Partner of MundoGEO # Connect

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