3 Magazines and 5 experiences of the geomatic field

It is time to review some journals whose recent editions have come out; Here I leave at least interesting experiences that come out in the latest edition of these magazines.

Gis geospatial magazines

Gis geospatial magazinesGeoinformatics

1. User experiences in the use of Open Source GIS Software.

It is interesting to give a reading to this article, which shows us what the people of Intetics in the application of tools ... although the greatest success revolves around Quantum GIS, they mention how they used Grass and gvSIG for some processes. The value of this is in the sincerity of mentioning what worked for them and what was not so easy.

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2. Home-made LiDAR data.

Drakkar's experience shows us how possible it is for us to arm our own armatuste and construct our own LiDAR data.

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  • James Fee talks about why Python seems to be GIS best friend
  • Ryaboshpako explains how likely it is to create web services from GeoPDFs.


3 Geographic Intelligence in the cloud

This is an article by Denilson Silva, who explains the first steps to take advantage of the services of ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Explorer to serve data and take advantage of them.

The rest of the magazine, which by the way is the 71 edition, has themes of great interest and which we hope will soon be available in Spanish:

  • Municipal administration of precision
  • Mapping geographic intentions
  • Valenty Gonzalez among the "Who is who"
  • ISO 19152 and the LADM model in Brazil
  • Sea cartographers

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Although I suggest you take a look at the portal in Spanish, because the 70 edition is already available that included themes such as:

  • The first part of how to get more out of Google Earth
  • Statistics of the market of the total stations
  • The first part of static survey methods
  • The current reality of unmanned aerial vehicles

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Land lines

4 Payments instead of taxes

This is the experience of the City of Boston, which for years had struggled with the crazy idea that institutions, buildings and exempt properties make payments instead of taxes. It seems that the implemented strategy of 2008 onwards has some usefulness that we could copy to our contexts.

5. Massive public transport systems like BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and urban development in Latin America.

From this, I spoke a few days ago in the framework of the one that is being developed in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Well, Daniel Rodríguez and Erik VergeL tovar make a masterful exhibition worthy of a collection.

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