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Just arrived today PC Magazine, digital edition of Julio 2011. I take this opportunity to promote a topic that here has entertained me in this almost irreversible evolution of returning to do almost everything with our nails.

I also promote interest tips in two more journals in the geospatial environment that need to be pending.

Alternatives to the Ipad, PC Magazine:

A valuable review of the tablets that are trying to compete with the Ipad. Very good if you are thinking of buying a tablet without spending a lot of money but do not make a light decision either; the subject is treated with a focus on the good, the bad and the ugly.

Ipad2 alternatives

10 different models are reviewed, emphasizing the pro, cons and the approach for which the product is ideal:

    • Acer Iaconia
    • Asus Eee Pad Transformer
    • Barnes & Noble Nook Color
    • CherryPad
    • Coby Kyros
    • HTC Flyer
    • Motorola Xoom
    • RIM BlackBerry Play Book
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab
    • T-Mobile G-Slate by LG

Ipad2 alternativesTopoDOT, Lidar News

This is a magazine specialized in the subject of capture, processing and application of point clouds. The current edition is full of tips regarding the capture of data in an automated way, of which I recommend taking a look; although I have been more struck by an announcement of TopoDOT, a tool for handling laser scan data that works with Microstation, even with mobile range.

At this point, Bentley already has this type of built-in capabilities, to the extent that there are already applications such as TopoDOT developing on V8i. A topic that can not be taken away from Joe Croser, who was Bentley's International Marketing Director at a time when the company managed to grow substantially. What is valuable about Joe is that he went to Pointools, where he resumed the alliance with Bentley to potentiate the Pointools smoker in an integration with the data capture teams and the Microstation, AutoCAD and Rhino platforms.

The Story of a Rock, American Surveyor

This is a memorable reflection, which reminds us that topography is not a new subject. It makes references to the importance of tangible documentation, a topic that we can not ignore since a mark on a rock used as a geographical milestone can be worth much more than a 10 MB on a hard drive in the hands of a thief, the kind who board a taxi in the fashion of express kidnappings.

Ipad2 alternatives

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