20 Steps to build a city from scratch

This is a collector's item for lovers of Urban Development and Territorial Planning, that beyond smoking in smart cities that seems like a cliché aiming at the taste for complicating things, poses in 20 simplified steps, the challenge for which they are betting countries like Egypt and Equatorial Guinea in the redrawing of their capitals.

The document to which I make reference, of which I add links at the end of the article, is an analysis of an English writing. It does not pretend to be a plan to follow but rather allows to know certain variables that have been present in the projects of construction of new cities through history, the practices carried out in the present cities that are being highlighted and imitated in the new plans And which are the items that should be given greater relevance, among other topics.

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Summary the twenty steps:

1: Choose a place

2: Ensure drinking water supply

3: Ensuring a reliable supply of money

4: Work

For a city to be economically sustainable, it needs jobs. In this sense, the new capital of Egypt presents better opportunities because government institutions will move to this new city, according to Herbert Girardet, author of the book "The creation of sustainable cities".

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This situation has already occurred in other cities from scratch, such as Brasilia (Brazil), Canberra (Australia), Abuja (Nigeria), Ottawa (Canada) and New Delhi (India), established themselves as new capitals, "Job opportunities and economic improvements as a national center of administration".

5: Do not Attempt the Inhabitants

6: Developing a Master Plan

7: Integrate Transport

8: Considering the car ban

9: Do Smart Trash

10: Maximize Connectivity

11: Aspires to be Carbon Neutral

12: Start over, forget the parks

13: ... and culture

14: Please, not another island in a funny way

The risk that cities run from scratch is that they do not offer them the same job opportunities, housing or transportation to those who want to inhabit them.

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Even anthropologist at Oxford University, Nick Simcik Arese, says that these kinds of cities end up becoming a Apartheid class, Because there are no options for those with less economic resources.

It is for this reason that cities should be focused on more transcendental aspects, such as being socially diverse.

15: Making a Statement

16: Treat workers with respect

17: Build fast, not faster ...

18: Civic education for new citizens

19: If you build it, you will come

20: Give it a name

Although it sounds logical, it is not enough to keep it in mind so that what happened with the new capital of Egypt, which four months after its announcement, does not have a name yet.

I suggest taking a look at the Original article, Or the version Initial in Spanish.

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