2.12.1 More changes to the interface

Do you like to experiment? Are you a bold person who likes to manipulate and modify your environment to customize it drastically? Well, then you should know that Autocad gives you the possibility to modify not only the colors of the program, the size of your cursor and the selection box, as we just mentioned, but also practically all the elements of the program's interface. Do not like the button icon used to draw rectangles? Change it to an icon with the face of Bart Simpson, if he likes. Do not like a command to present certain options? Simple, modify it so that the message, the options and the result are different. Do not you like that there is a file called "Vista"? Remove it and put there what you want.

To achieve that level of customization, we use the "Manage-Personalization-User Interface" button. An interface customization box will appear that will allow you to modify the ribbon, toolbars, palettes, and so on. Obviously this can also be saved under a certain name, to then be able to return to the default interface.

However, from my point of view, the design of the interface has been carefully planned to allow the professional to work productively with the program, independently if it is architectural drawing, engineering or simple technical drawing. I insist again: do not waste your time playing with the interface, much less if you still do not master the program.

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