2.11 Workspaces

As we explained in section 2.2, in the quick access bar there is a drop-down menu that switches the interface between workspaces. A "Workspace" is actually a set of commands arranged on the ribbon oriented to a specific task. For example, the "2D Drawing and Annotation" workspace privileges the presence of commands that are used to draw objects in two dimensions and create their corresponding dimensions. The same thing happens with the "3D Modeling" workspace, which presents commands on the ribbon to create 3D models, render them, and so on.

Let's put it another way: Autocad has a huge amount of commands in the ribbon and toolbars, as we could see. So many that not all fit on the screen at the same time and, moreover, only some of them are taken care of according to the task that is carried out, then, the Autodesk programmers have arranged them in what they have called "workspaces".

Therefore, when selecting a specific workspace, the ribbon presents the set of commands that correspond to it. Therefore, when changing to a new workspace, the tape is also transformed. It should be added that the status bar also contains a button to switch between workspaces.

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