15 Twitter accounts to follow ... one year later

One year after monitoring 15 Twitter accounts, we have made an update of what has happened. Twitter acounts statistic The chart does not include the first two accounts, because their reach level affects comparative visibility.

Two of the accounts did not come back to life, despite their importance at the time of the first comparison. For the next analysis we will include other accounts that have grown in a sustainable manner, it quickly comes to mind @mappingGIS Which at this point already has 1,110 followers, more than those who have some of these accounts that we have monitored. Twitter acounts Artículo original


Bit by bit Twitter has come to fill a space that the media does not cover equally, especially for short topics, links and information in real time. With the same or worse disadvantage of going to the abyss after a couple of days, but playing an important role in the Dissemination of themesAnd management of followers. Here is a list of accounts in the geospatial area that should be followed; Some of them are media, others are accounts that add to the topic.

They are sorted according to followers, to April of 2012, the first two take almost the 50% of the 30,000 followers that represent in total the 15 accounts. Updated on red to August of 2012 and I have added a column of how much followers have grown in these 5 months.

The table does not change much but it can be observed that some sites have a slower growth than the common ones like URISA, Comunidad IGN and CamptoCamp. Spatial Sustain appears not available. Atctualized in magenta To December of 2012.

The trend remains at the top, it stands out that PortalGeografos, Mapping Magazine and CamptoCamp change positions again. And for some strange reason, Vector_One is not available after the creation of the LMA.

Account Content Followers % + 5 months+ 8 months
@gisuser GIS User Tabloid of news of the geospatial environment. 8,645 9,863 11,125 29% + 1,218 + 1,262
@MundoGEO World GEO Portal of web contents, events and magazines in the geospatial environment. 6,634 7,482 8,057 22% + 848 + 575
@Esri_Spain Esri Spain Esri's official account in Spain 2,245 2,579 2,943 7% + 334 + 364
@spatialsustain Spatial Sustain Geospatial journal, in bloging format 1,807 ?? 6% + ??
@URISA URISA Association of GIS professionals 1,721 1,987 2,300 6% + 266 + 313
@orbemapa Orbemapa Blog with GIS, GPS and other topics 1,359 1,664 1,816 5% + 305 + 152
@comunidadign IGN Community Space promoted by the National Geographic Institute 1,190 1,418 1,545 4% + 228 + 127
@gim_intl GIM International Geospatial magazine, printed 1,042 1,212 1,375 3% + 170 + 163
@pcigeomatics PCI Geomatics Canadian field-oriented company for remote sensing and associated services 995 1,155 1,374 3% + 160 + 219
@ClickGeo Anderson Madeiros Much Fresh Content in the Geospatial Field, in Portuguese 864 1,090 1,219 3% + 226 + 129
@POBMag Point of Begining Survey of topography and other related sciences 790 919 1,023 3% + 129 + 195
@camptocamp_geo CartoCamp Instance linked to the diffusion of OSGeo and standards 732 828 939 2% + 96 + 111
@revistamapping Interactive Maping Magazine of cartography, GIS and earth sciences. 694 835 884 2% + 141 + 49
@PortalGeografos Portal Geographers Portal of meeting of the Ibero-American geographical community for the exchange of information 678 814 903 2% + 136 + 89
@Vector_One Vector One Account of Jeff Thurston, editor of the magazine Vector One 624 688 ?? 2% + 64 + ???

In response to Gloria's request, these are the accounts that you consult us for:

  • Geofumadas @geofumadas 1,268 and 5 months later I have 1,514 with an increase of 246 new followers followers on Twitter. 8 months later I have 1,829 followers, with an increase of 315. Right after URISA. 18,033 (18,686 in August) (19,255 in December) followers in Facebook
  • Cartesia @Cartesia_org 264 and 5 months later 314 with an increase of 50 followers on Twitter. 8 months later has 366 Followers, with an increase of 52.
  • Franz's blog @franzpc 172 and 273 5 months later with an increase of 101 followers on Twitter. 8 Months later has 365 followers, with an increase of 92; almost beating Cartesia.


The table at the beginning reflects the update to May of 2013.

12 Replies to "15 Twitter accounts to follow ... a year later"

  1. Very good, apparently you are very creative when creating a post like this, I will follow the accounts, that if you do an update to keep us updated.

  2. Great your posts are very good and out of the ordinary, interesting to know who to follow by twitter.

    It would not be bad if you do an update of the followers, remember that many win followers, maybe others lose.


  3. Of course it's vague.
    In this case eu usei to order and support contas pessoais that I follow, more clearly not or mesmo than ter "followers" than "readers". Bem-vindo, um maior study.

  4. I do not think that the number of followers is parameter to determine the importance of a profile on Twitter, this is vague. As stated above, celebrities have thousands of followers, as well as companies, brands and websites, but they are not relevant, that is, they generate really important content or have a good relationship with their followers

    How do you evaluate the relevance of a Twitter? For your constancy? Because of its originality? For your content?

    Do you want to paste a count and observe that the 30.000 tem followers, but the 29.000 according to this profile of someone coisa? Isso não é uma «favors troca»?

    It is very, very vague to determine the importance of profile based on number of followers. It is necessary to define a series of parameters to get to what really matters: relevance and importance.

    Is not this how Google does with your websites?

  5. Agree.
    I clarify that I have used the number of followers to sort them in descending order. If I did it for relevance ... it wouldn't be so simple.

  6. The number of followers does not say much. A company or a celebrity has millions of followers, but who said tweeting relevant?

    Many people do not self-promote and interact with followers.

    What matters is the relevance and the profile to show good content. The number of followers is the wind.

  7. The Web that has helped me most in terms of content, even though its founder and former collaborators do not stay as active, is:


    I have observed duplicate subjects, for example, in Cartesía and where they answer is in the first one. On the other hand, I work with free software (especially GRASS-QGIS) and in Spanish it is very difficult to get information. However, recently I discovered a website:


    Which links to content that uses free alternatives.

  8. Good contribution, although note the best content I found in Cartesia, Geofumadas and the blog of Franz, it would be good to help us with Twitter accounts or Facebook of them, do not know if they have many followers, but actually have excellent content .

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