14as International gvSIG Conference: «Economy and Productivity»

The Higher Technical School of Geodetic, Cartographic and Topographic Engineering (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain) will host, once again, the gvSIG International Conferences [1], which will be held from 24 to 26 in October under the theme "Economy and Productivity" .

During the conference there will be different thematic sessions of presentations (municipal management, emergencies, agriculture ...), and several workshops will be held, among which are those of gvSIG applied to Geology or the Environment, and that of gvSIG Mobile.

The registration, both for the workshops and for the sessions of papers, is completely free (with limited capacity).

Both registers are carried out independently, being the one of the papers through the form already existing in the web page of the Days [2], and those of the workshops starting from the 4 of October in [3].

The complete program is available in [4].

[1] http://jornadas.gvsig.org
[2] http://www.gvsig.com/en/ events / days-gvsig / 14as- jornadas-gvsig / inscription
[3] http://www.gvsig.com/es/ eventos / Jornadas-gvsig / 14as- Jornadas-gvsig / registration-workshops
[4] http://www.gvsig.com/en/ events / days-gvsig / 14as- jornadas-gvsig / program

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