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118 themes from FOSS4G 2010

One of the best that can be left from these events are the PDF presentations that are very practical for reference in training or decision-making processes; more in these times that the open source geospatial world has matured surprisingly. It is a good example of human creativity, which recycles and diversifies the same concept with innovations that the greats of CAD / GIS software would already like to have for their use. In this collection the comparisons between different tools stand out, it is surprising how the Patriarch MapServer remains robust in his specialty although now he has many that complement or overshadow him; also GeoServer with its multiple applications seems to be taking firm steps.

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The FOSS4G is the annual event of the software for the free and free geospatial field (Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial), which this time was held in Barcelona. This event is promoted by organizations and projects that promote the optimization of efforts in this field in search of improving its quality; Every day more are added, even the proprietary software sponsors it to snoop what happens there.

The 4 FOSS2011G will be held in Denver, Colorado. Due to the proximity to this environment and interesting junctures for that date, I will finally be able to attend. For reference, I leave the list of at least 118 issues of the 2010 edition, ordered by organization and with the approximation of the titles that support the letter ñ.

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Job Title


New generation of web sensors for hydrology.

52 ° North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH

Between geoprocessing ArcGIS And open source solutions.


Cloud Computing Hybrid


Permission-based access using OGC services


Evacuation systems using Qgis, PostGIS, Grass and PgRouting

Aero Asahi corporation

Back to GIS with graphical database (Neo4j Spatial)


Use of Open Source GIS Software in Training

Aristotle University Thessaloniki

Introducing OpenScales

Atos Worldline

New generation of web sensors and series processing

Austrian Institute of Technology

Setting up MapServer And kml to take advantage of Google Earth

BC Integrated Land Management Bureau

Where it goes MapFish

Camptocamp SA

3D Web Mapping: Yes, it could!


Module of MapFish To print from web applications


Protect your GIS


Web application for traffic monitoring


Moving from Oracle / ArcGIS to PostGresql / PostGIS

Center for Topographic Information

Why schools should use GIS Open Source

CM Oliveira de Azeméis


The Orfeo Toolbox algorithms in Qgis

CRISP, National University of Singapore


Using Orpheus Tool Box on Mission Venus



PostGIS WKT Raster, an Open Source alternative to Oracle GeoRaster

Deimos Space

Real-time positioning analysis in football matches

DFC software engineering

Linked Open Geodata, To georeference files


INSPIRE Geoportal, a platform for INSPIRE services

European Commission - JRC


Project Beetle, Free tool for ETL tool

European Topic Center on Land Use and Spatial Information (ETC-LUSI) / Autonomous University of Barcelona

OpenAddresses - geocoded addresses, universal, free and free


EnviModel: Scientific process flows and geoprocessing for climate change

Fondazione Bruno Kessler

International collaboration on OSGeo4W

Gateway Geomatics

Project Status Report MapServer


GeoCat Bridge, One click publication


GeoNetwork Open Source, the geospatial metadata catalog


TileSeeder, A new tool for tile management


WMS Inspector, An add-on for Firefox for Web Map Services

Geodata Systems

Project ZOO, the power of the WPS platform

GeoLabs SARL

Semantic searches in the OGC web services catalog

GeoNetwork opensource

PgRouting, To search for shorter routes


Hydrodynamic Model and Earthquakes using Open Source

Geoscience Australia

Meteorology and Oceanography, attempts GeoServer, GeoTools and GeoBatch

GeoSolutions SAS

Problems and advances with raster support in GeoServer and GeoTools


Evolution of GIS data


Geomatics, The new boy on the block


A system for collecting geospatial data in organizations


Geospatial analysis and data mining of social networks with GeoSocial


SEXTANT, An 3D GIS environment with Java



Cooperation between regional and local authorities

Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya

Open Source software testing for web services processing.

Institute for Geoinformatics

Open Environmental Services Infrastructure



Institute of Spatial and Cadastral Systems (ISPiK)

Extension of PGRouting, Applied to the VTMS

Intecs SpA

Development of SDI with GISpatcher

Intevaion GmbH

Little known tricks and attributes for experts in MapServer


More approaches to the semantic web with geographic focus

IRD (Research for Development Institute), CRHMT

Advantages of the new WCS 2.0

Jacobs University

Open Source at the Digital Observatory for Protected Areas

Joint Research Center

Open Source in the European Fire Information Control System (EFFIS)


Cases of success in implementing INSPIRE using Open Source

Just Objects BV

Past, Present and Future of the Project degree

Lat / lon GmbH

Introducing deegree 3 WPS


Applying SDI in Germany, compatible with INSPIRE


Metadata Reloaded - taking advantage of INSPIRE


Interactive METEOSAT: Educational platform for meteorological applications

Meteo Romania & ASRC

Developing web applications with similarity to desktop, using HTML and JavaScript

Ministry of Environment and Forestry Open Source and online tools for old maps

Moravian Library Brno, Czech Republic

EcoRelevé: An Open Source response to the biodiversity crisis

Natural Solutions

From owner to FOSS: MapServer As the main component in the Norwegian IDE

Norwegian Mapping Authority

MapProxy - a proxy accelerator for mapping web services


OGCnetwork, Open WG, regional Fora and collaboration with OSGeo Open Geospaial Consortium
GeoServer CSS - Applying style to mapping

Open Plans

GeoNode Architecture: Wrangling $ 100 million worth of open source software to make SDI building a walk in the park


GeoServer cartographic rendering: New Attributes for Mapmakers


GeoServer WPS: An integrated, extensible processing service


Graphical style editing with Styler


Mobile Augmented Reality Using FOSS


The future of OpenLayers


Performance considerations in applications based on OpenLayers


Status of progress PostGIS


Tricks for advanced users of PostGIS


Web Map Printing with GeoExt


PostLBS - WebAPI universal platform for geospatial visualization, route analysis, geocode, thematic mapping and more

Orkney Inc

OSGeo: Open Source Projects and Communities


Vertical Datums: Introduction and Software Review


OpenLayers: SOS and INSPIRE


PostGIS Knows the third dimension


Running long and complex processes with PostGIS


State of Open Source tools for topology and network analysis


A comparison between GIS mobile applications.


New features in GvSIG Mobile 1.0

Prodevelop. GvSIG Association.

OSSIM - Open Source for remote sensors

Radiantblue technologies Inc

Reducing the gap between Open Source tools and proprietary data.

Safe Software

The case of Guatemala, going from the IDE portal to Geonodo.

Secretary of Planning and Programming of the Presidency SEGEPLAN

Indexing of spatial data dispersed in the cloud


GeoREST: Open access to public databases on Atom protocol


Stability and Statistical Analysis of WMS Servers


SpatiaLite, The future of shapefile?
Comparing virtual balloons Virtual Open Source


GeoKettle: A powerful Open Source tool for Spatial ETL


Business Intelligence in the Geospatial Field with Open Source (GeoMondrian y SOLAPLayers)


Authentication and authorization control in OGC services with GeoShield


Ists: Python Watching Service


Implementing Open Source Tile Caching on a large scale (US Army Project)

Syncadd Systems Inc.

Open Government, Open Data, Open Architecture and Open Source GIS Software for the United States Armed Forces


Beyond PostGIS - New developments in Open Source spatial databases

TerraGIS Ltd

Comparison of SOS-Servers: 52 ° North, UMN y Deegree

terrestris GmbH & Co KG

TileCache, GeowebCache y MapProxy - a comparison in technical and usability aspects


GeoExt y MapFish Client components - how to migrate


Putting them together: Geonetwork opensource, OpenLayers, GeoExt and MapFish under the roof of Drupal CMS - Geoportal RO as an example


What you write is what you see: comparing two options for deploying SQL query data


Natural Earth - Free World Map Base

The Washington Post

OpenStreetMap-in-a-Box - A Map Server ready for use

Univ. Of Applied Sciences Rapperswil Computer Science

Integrating SEXTANT y GRASS

University of Extremadura

Adding custom searches to  OpenLayers with OpenSearch 'geo'

Universitat Jaume I

Introducing PostGIS WKT Raster: Raster / vector operations in a spatial database

University Laval

How to find sensors in the Web Sensor?

University of Muenster

SOS vrs. WFS


A typification of Open Source platforms

WhereGroup GmbH & Co. KG

The Global Weather Information System

World Meteorological Organization

GeoCouch: a spatial index for CouchDB

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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