10 ways to find cheap flights

Right now that I am preparing my trip to Charlotte, I want to take advantage to show at least 10 Internet service providers.


The priority to look for a flight should be the line we are used to, to take advantage of frequent flyer miles or credit card. But that might not bring us the most comfortable prices unless we take advantage of a seasonal offer that reaches our mail. But in these times, if what we want is cheap flight, the best way is to go with the suppliers and compare prices; We could find better deals than the same prices on the airline's official website and always get the miles.

In general, almost any supplier has destinations to any part of the world, the difference is that finding cheaper flights will be in your area of ​​greater influence because they have special agreements with travel agencies or airlines.

Here are 10 options:

No. Name Why choose it
1 Mexican Ideal for traveling to and from Mexico, with main offices at airports in Madrid, London, Canada, the United States and most of Latin America.
2 Take off Ideal to find flights between South America, Mexico and the United States
3 Last minute Many flights and destinations in Europe and the United States.
4 destinia Ideal for flights from Spain, internally and abroad with hotel packages, car and more.
5 Terminal A Ideal for flights between Argentina, Spain and the rest of Europe
6 Condor To fly from anywhere in the world to Germany.
7 Sky-Tours Flights between the United States and Europe
8 BravoFly Flights in Europe almost with any airline
9 Expedia Flights, travel packages, hotels and more. Almost anywhere in the world.
10 eDreams Flights in Europe, includes other services for tourists

Someone might ask how these providers do to offer lower prices than the same page of the airline. Simple, they sell volume that makes it easier for them to play with the commission they have with the suppliers.

For now it has been very useful for me to plan my trip to Be Inspired, with different suppliers I have always found the best price with my preferred airline.

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  1. I always look for domestic flights Cheap I go to eDreams. And seriously, no matter how much they say no, search engines offer cheaper prices than the companies themselves.

  2. Hello,

    Anyone looking for flights will see that search engines give you the cheapest flight, sometimes regardless of the conditions and without paying attention to flight schedules, connections ... it seems that all flights are the same except for the price.

    That is why, the new search engine, pidopista.com looks for comfortable flights without giving up the price. It gives you recommendations of comfortable flights, so that you can buy the flight wherever you want (in your agency, on the internet) knowing that your flight differs from the rest

  3. How do you get redirects to your blog? How to make your blog appear in google searches?

    speaks of cheap flights ... .and so you add money in ad sense ...

    This was not GIS / CAD?

  4. For flights within Europe, from my experience the best magina is without a doubt Skyscanner. Almost always finds the prices more hurried, and has the great advantage to offer you the prices of the whole month, so that in a graph of tables you can see which days of the month it is cheaper to go and return and you can plan the flight. I recommend it to you.

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